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I recently created Back Pain Bootcamp due to a desire to work more closely with serious people inside my Back Pain Academy.

I could see that many people were prepared to do what ever it takes to get rid of their back pain and were done with the endless search for an exercise program and were looking for a blueprint guide to follow.

So this is what I have created - a simple, step by step blueprint that guides you through a 6 week exercise program - combining osteopathy and yoga for the ultimately powerful results you are looking for.
 Start "Back Pain Bootcamp" Today For Just $97
Step-by-step Video Training that guides you through a 6 week Exercise Program To Resolve Muscular Back Pain.

Take ACTION today to start taking control of your back pain:
  •  Discover the 7 Secrets to controlling Back Pain permanently
  •  Learn how to CORRECTLY activate your core muscles
  •  Revealed: The 7 minute daily stretching program EVERY back pain sufferer should be doing
  •  Integrate strengthening into your daily program without going into spasm
  •    PLUS: Discover the incredible ancient art of Deep Relaxation as a secret key to controlling back pain
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Here Is What You Get...
Lifetime Access to my 
"Back Pain Bootcamp" 6 Week Video Training
Watch the Bootcamp Training videos as many times as you like at your own convenience 

Week 1: Core Activation

In week 1 I will train you how to CORRECTLY activate your Core Stability.
You will learn my ultimate back pain stretching program.
And you will learn the ancient powerful art of deep relaxation.

Week 2: Ultimate Stretching 

In week 2 your core activation training will have taken effect, allowing the muscles to start to relax and stretch out...this is when the magic begins to happen! Your back will start to feel flexible and 'free' as your muscles begin to 'melt'.

Week 3: Power Up

In week 3 you will learn my ultimate strengthening program. Your muscles will start their transition into strength and begin to restore their normal function. You will start to get some pain relief and your back will begin to feel stable and strong.

Week 4-6: The Home Run

In weeks 4-6 you will practice the whole program every day - taking a maximum of 
18-22 minutes. You will feel stronger by the day and see a daily reduction in your pain.
You Also Get Lifetime Access to my 
"7 Secrets To Resolving Back Pain" Video Series
Watch the "7 Secrets" Training videos as many times as you like at your own convenience 
Frequently Asked Questions:
"How much time will I need to commit each week?"
Your first 2 weeks will require a little extra time as you will be learning the exercises but it still will take less than 30 minutes a day.

Once you have learned the exercises the whole program will take you around 20-22 minutes a day for the last 4 weeks.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
"Are there any people who should NOT follow this program?"
Yes. If you have an active disc bulge you should NOT do this program. If you have a very old disc injury and no longer have leg pain, and this condition is considered chronic, this program will be safe for you. The reason for this is that disc injuries need to avoid rotation and this program contains a lot of rotation to stretch out the back. 

This program is specifically designed to resolve MUSCULAR back pain.
"Who is Coby Langford?"
Coby Langford is a highly experienced Osteopath with 17 years clinical practice. She is also an Internationally renowned yoga instructor with 20 years experience.

She has been trusted and employed as an Osteopath by ITV &  Liverpool Football Club, treating celebrities and Premiership football players.

Coby was featured on MTV treating Kerry Katona.

Dr Hilary Jones, GMTV's resident medic recommends Coby's back pain programs and has suggested that every GP surgery should adopt her approaches to resolving back pain. 

Coby's work is unique and EFFECTIVE. You are safe and in good hands

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